Komatsu Report

We publish our integrated report, Komatsu Report, annually for our stakeholders to introduce Komatsu Group's efforts to realize sustainable growth. The Komatsu Report mainly describes on our value creation business model of working for sustainable growth by turning a positive cycle of improving earnings (financial indexes) and solving ESG issues (non-financial indexes) as we implement growth strategies in the mid-term management plan.



Full Report
> Komatsu Report 2022 (A4 pdf for printing) 
> Komatsu Report 2022 (A3 pdf for viewing) 
> Our corporate identity, Sustainability policy

Overview of Komatsu and its strengths

> Komatsu at a glance, 101 years of Komatsu, Business segments, Value creation process, Komatsu’s strengths

Mid-term management plan

> Message from the president

> Mid-term management plan (FY2022–FY2024)

> Sustinabilty policy and KPIs of new Mid-term management plan

> Message from the CFO

> Previous Mid-term management plan ― Komatsu’s CSR themes and Mid-term management plan KPIs

Resolution of ESG issues through growth strategies

> With the planet ― Climate change response initiatives, Message from President, Mining Business Division, Partner message

> With people ― Human resource development initiatives, Global human resource development

> With business ― Social contribution activities

Corporate governance

> Interview with the outside directors, Corporate governance, Risk management

> Directors and audit & supervisory board members


Corporate profile
> 11-year summary, Non-financial highlights, External recognition
> Corporate information, About Komatsu Report



> Komatsu Report 2021 (A4 pdf for printing) 

> Komatsu Report 2021 (A3 pdf for viewing) 


> Komatsu Report 2020 (A4 pdf for printing)

> Komatsu Report 2020 (A3 pdf for viewing) 


> Komatsu Report 2019 (A4 pdf for printing)

> Komatsu Report 2019 (A3 pdf for viewing) 


> Komatsu Report 2018 (Full)


> Komatsu Report 2017 (Full)


> Komatsu Report 2016 (Full)


> Komatsu Report 2015 (Full)


> Komatsu Report 2014 (Full)

Structure of Komatsu Annual Reports

For more information on financial and environmental/social issues, Komatsu publishes detailed reports that focus on each of these subjects.

*Komatsu Report, Annual Securities Report and ESG Databook, in both Japanese and English, are uploaded on Komatsu's website.

*Komatsu Ltd. issues Komatsu Report only on the website.