Industrial machinery

Life without automobiles or semiconductors is unimaginable. Komatsu supports the production of these essential items by delivering equipment and tools the manufacturers need: press machines, sheet metal machines, temperature control devices, and more.

Manufacturing excellence supporting mobility

The manufacturing technology that is essential to our equipment used for construction, mining and other industries plays a key part in the manufacture of automobiles as well.

Machines that are crucial to automobile manufacturing

The presses and sheet metal machines we deliver are used for the manufacturing of automobile body panels, and transfer machines for their engines and transmissions.
Many automobile companies around the world recognize Komatsu for providing products and services that are reliable and high quality.

Temperature control, the key to semiconductor production

It was through our basic research on semiconductors (thermo modules) that we established high-precision control of temperature, at a margin of error within 0.01℃. This technology enables the delicate handling of parts sensitive to temperature and cooling, allowing us to support semiconductor manufacturers around the world.

Industrial machinery equipment:


Sheet-metal machinery (Press brakes)

Sheet metal-machinery (3D Laser cutting machine)

Transfer machines

Battery manufacturing equipment

Wire saws

Thermo modules

Thermoelectric generation module; EH sensor device

Temperature control products

  • Click here for presses and sheet-metal machinery
    Komatsu Industries Corp.
  • Click here for transfer machines, battery manufacturing equipment, and wire saws
    Komatsu NTC Ltd.
  • Click here for thermo modules, temperature control products, and thermoelectric generation module; EH sensor device
  • Click here for  excimer lasers for semiconductor lithography applications

Industries we support

*Products shown here represent Komatsu’s flagship models. Komatsu entities do not always handle the listed products and specification may vary by region.