Infrastructure is rooted in our daily lives, from the development of new towns to the planning for urbanization. Our extensive lineup of products and solutions help create a sustainable and thriving future.

Supporting everyday life

Our life depends on the security of social infrastructure that we take for granted.
Pipe construction for water, electricity, gas, need to be maintained properly. Swift restoration needs to follow after natural disasters. We are equipped to offer the products and services for all kinds of construction work, products and solutions.

Supporting urbanization

We serve large construction projects such as dams and highways that are vital to supporting the ever-growing population. Our Komtrax system gives visibility to detailed machine data needed to support safe and efficient operations at those construction sites.

Solving onsite problems through Smart Construction®

Labor shortage is a very real issue that Komatsu is actively working to solve. Using ICT (information and communication technology), Smart Construction® visualizes jobsite data from the start to end of construction and proposes the optimum procedures and resource allocation. We are committed to working alongside our customers to make their operations more productive and efficient.

Animal Bridges

Komatsu's "Smart Construction®" was first tested in Germany at the construction site of the "Animal Bridge", a bridge for animals that connects two forests by road.

Construction equipment:

Hydraulic excavators


Wheel loaders

Motor graders

Mini excavators

Dump trucks

Industries we support

*Products shown here represent Komatsu’s flagship models. Komatsu entities do not always handle the listed products and specification may vary by region.