Disclosure policy

1. Criteria for Disclosure

Komatsu Ltd. (hereinafter "the Company") conducts disclosure activities based on, and in conformity with, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan and all other applicable laws and regulations (hereinafter "laws and regulations") as well as rules concerning timely disclosure of corporate information by issuers of listed securities (hereinafter "Timely Disclosure Rules"), as stipulated by the stock exchanges on which the Company’s shares are listed. The Company also discloses information, in a fair and timely manner, which is not stipulated in the Timely Disclosure Rules, when the Company considers that such information could materially affect the investment decisions of shareholders and other investors, or it could be useful in fostering a deeper understanding of the Company.

2. Methods of Disclosure

The Company discloses information, as stipulated in the Timely Disclosure Rules, on the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and also posts the information promptly on the website of the Company to widely disseminate it. In case of releasing other information which is not stipulated in the Timely Disclosure Rules, the Company also endeavors to disseminate the information as fairly and widely as possible through its website or by other means.

3. Silent Period

The Company has set up a silent ("closed window") period from the next day of the closing date of every quarter to the announcement of its financial results for the quarter in order to prevent the leakage of earnings information and thus ensures fairness. During the silent period, the Company refrains from answering questions or making other comments pertaining to its financial results. However, when the Company determines that its latest projections for the financial results will differ from the earlier projections and has to revise them in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules, the Company will promptly announce the revised projections.

4. Forward-looking Statements

This website contains forward-looking statements that reflect management’s views and assumptions in the light of information currently available with respect to certain future events, including expected financial position, operating results and business strategies.
These statements can be identified by the use of terms such as "will," "believes," "should," "projects," "plans," "expects," and similar terms and expressions that identify future events or expectations. Actual results may differ materially from those projected, and the events and results of such forward-looking assumptions cannot be assured. Any forward-looking statements speak only as of the date of this presentation sheets, and Komatsu assumes no duty to update such statements.

Factors that may cause actual results to differ materially from those predicted by such forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to: unanticipated changes in demand for the Company’s principal products, owing to changes in the economic conditions in the Company’s principal markets; changes in exchange rates or the impact of increased competition; unanticipated costs or delays encountered in achieving the Company’s objectives with respect to globalized product sourcing and new information technology tools; uncertainties as to the results of the Company’s research and development efforts and its ability to access and protect certain intellectual property rights; the impact of regulatory changes and accounting principles and practices; and the introduction, success and timing of business initiatives and strategies.