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Futuristic jobsite unveiled

Find out about Komatsu’s concept machine with no cab, but comes with a controller.
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Tiny machine, going for a mighty dream

Sustainable future ― starts right here right now, with the PC01E-1 

For community and Earth — one Komatsu plant acts

Toward carbon neutrality by 2050, we go all out to slash CO2 emissions

Our journey to greener Earth

30 years on, Komatsu's reforestation efforts in Indonesia is thriving; growing like leaves of a tree, reaching for the sky

Komatsu no Mori

Located in Komatsu city, Ishikawa, Japan, Komatsu no Mori reopened in 2021, on the Komatsu's 100th anniversary. Come and explore what the place has to offer! From a breathtaking scenery to our cutting-edge technology showcase, you can expect a variety of experiences and a warm welcome in our historic park.

Women's judo club

Check out Komatsu's women's judo club members, results, and tournament schedules.
Women's judo club

Kikki's workshop

Learn about construction equipment through Q&As, mini games and quizzes, and educational videos!
Visit Kikki's workshop