Futuristic jobsite unveiled

You see no driver’s seat on this excavator. So how do you get in and buckle up? Only you don’t. All you need is a controller wirelessly connected to the machine which remotely commands every movement. It is how we see the future jobsite, where an operator is perhaps at home, getting a machine working in another country. Going fully-electric and environmentally-friendly, it reduces the noise level and emissions. It is a step closer to a carbon neutral society Komatsu pushes forward.

The concept machine brings you safer, more productive and cleaner jobsite than ever.


With a controller, any jobsite is yours to take on

Environment, people, work, and jobistes.
Our passion runs deep on all of them.
Here is why our concept machine is created.
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Get your hands on the controller!

The look on children‘s faces says it all. This is neither staged nor scripted. See those candid moments we captured.

Meet the machines

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N.B. The concept machine is not on display

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