With a controller, any jobsite is yours to take on


For the last 100 years, Komatsu has been asking countless “hows” and “what-ifs” to build a better future.

How can we create more comfortable working environment for operators? How can neighbors of a construction site spend a day without being disturbed by noises coming from the site? And now, how do we enable net zero emission on a jobsite?


Fully electric means environmentally friendly and community friendly

Construction equipment operates under severe outdoor conditions as well as indoors where emission is likely to stay in the air longer. Harsh working environment is one of the reasons why the construction industry is facing a labor shortage. When in operation, construction equipment makes noises which may cause stress and inconvenience to residents and workers nearby.


Back to our first questions. What can Komatsu do to improve working conditions on a jobsite as well as ease the stress of people near the construction site. Driving forward carbon neutral jobsites, and making construction industry more environmentally friendly and approachable, we developed a concept machine that does not require an operator onboard. Going fully electric, we can reduce emission and noise.



Operators freed from an operator’s seat

Komatsu has been the frontrunner in ensuring safer and more comfortable working conditions for operators and paying the highest regard to surrounding environment. In doing so, idea after idea was proposed, discussion after discussion took place, until we reached one outside-the-box idea, what if an operator uses a common controller or a device to operate the machine, from a distance?

If the machine is remotely operated and does not require an operator onboard, it can operate under any weather conditions. So can the operator who is in a safe and comfortable workplace, using a common device available.



With a controller, any jobsite is yours to take on

Do you remember when you used to think as a child, “Construction equipment is super cool”? However, as you grew up, you drifted away from the idea of becoming a member of the construction industry. With the concept machine which can be operated by a game controller or common devices, you can be a “super cool” operator that you dreamt of.


If the concept machine becomes commercialized, more and more people may choose construction work as their profession. Away from a severe jobsite, away from an operator’s seat, it opens a whole new horizon for “work” itself. A machine can be operated by anyone anywhere. Our passion runs deep on the operator’s well-being including flexibility to work, and we care deeply about global environment, people involved with construction equipment, and every community with a jobsite. This is how and why the concept machine was created.


Komatsu will continue to create value through manufacturing and technology innovation to empower a sustainable future where people, businesses, and our planet thrive together.