Demolition, waste and recycling

Recycling is an important part of our sustainable future. Reducing our environmental footprint while sustaining our living standards requires a major shift in mindset as well as highly advanced technology. Building on our learnings at the workplaces, we continue to work towards a circular society.

Supporting a circular society

In order for us to overcome environmental problems, it is crucial that we reuse limited resources without wasting them.
Komatsu’s products and services are actively supporting customers participating in demolition, waste and recycling on their jobsites.

Your safety is our priority

Komatsu’s top priority is our customers’ safety. Developing cabins dedicated to demolition, installing cameras to maintain the operator’s field of view, and providing highly durable products and attachments are some of the ways we are working to create safe and secure workplaces.

Pursuing efficiency and comfort of workplace

Demolition, waste and recycling industries have separate unique needs. Komatsu provides the products necessary for each to maximize work efficiency. Maintainability is a common concern among these industries and our products are designed to be highly dust-resistant.

Demolition, waste and recycling equipment:

Hydraulic excavators (with cutter)

Hydraulic excavators (with pulverizer)

Hydraulic excavators (with magnet)

Mini shovels

Mobile crushers

Wheel loaders

Industries we support

*Products shown here represent Komatsu’s flagship models. Komatsu entities do not always handle the listed products and specification may vary by region.