About us

Somewhere in the world, people are creating buildings, roads and bridges. Somewhere in the world, people are harvesting natural blessings from the earth. Everywhere we turn, there are stories to tell and passion to pass on.

For a century, Komatsu has been by your side, with quality, reliability, insights and support, offering products and solutions to the industries we support.

We work with our global customers and partners to achieve a sustainable future where businesses, people, and our planet thrive together.

Passion and commitment to building a thriving community

“Industry is the foundation of an enriched country, and human resource development is at its heart.”

Our roots stretch back more than 100 years to Komatsu Iron Works, a company Meitaro Takeuchi founded to provide mining equipment for the Yusenji Copper Mine. “We must not let the community dwindle after the mine closure. The key to lasting well-being is the development of local industries.” The visionary commitment of Takeuchi, a humanitarian entrepreneur, led to the foundation of Komatsu in 1921. The founding spirit to grow with society by harnessing technology remains a part of our core values.

Corporate identity

With ambition and in partnership

Gaining a full understanding of our customers and their operation is what drives us forward. We work with our customers to give shape to the products and solutions that meet their needs. We continuously fine-tune our products to achieve the highest standards possible. Our ambition to meet customers’ expectations is shared by all Komatsu employees.

Addressing the social and environmental challenges

The problems we address are diverse. Every customer has a different need, and there are social issues like labor shortages at onsite locations, and environmental problems on a global scale. Our products, technologies, and solutions are born through our endeavors addressing these challenges. We will continue to take on present and future challenges, in order to create a sustainable world.

Our contribution to the security

Our products and solutions help build buildings, roads, and bridges that we use every day. They support a wide spectrum of industries ranging from mining and forestry to manufacturing. Komatsu is committed to creating the solutions needed for a sustainable future.
Industries we support

From Japan to the global arena

Starting as a small ironworks in rural Japan, Komatsu made its first export in 1955. Today, 80% of our revenue is generated outside of Japan. We have become a truly global company with a workforce diverse in nationality, race and gender. We are a team united in our commitment to creating value for our customers and partners, in the form of products, services and solutions.
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The origin of Komatsu is to work to solve social issues through our core business and grow together with society.

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Corporate governance

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