Komatsu's basic stance is to contribute to society through its business activities. Komatsu has established the “Sustainability policy” and is committed to sustainability management aimed at achieving a sustainable society and business growth.

Sustainability policy

Our earnest stance to climate change and the demands of society are shown.

Management of sustainability

Materiality, our system to promote sustainability, and major achievements are introduced.

Business activities in line with the sustainability policy

In order to empower a sustainable future where people, business, and our planet thrive together, Komatsu will continue to address issues that are important per our sustainability policy and contribute to society with stakeholders.

With people

Activities such as occupational health and safety, personnel system, human resource development, and human rights compliance are introduced.

With business

Activities related to product safety, quality assurance, supply chain, corporate governance, and compliance are introduced.

With the planet

Our efforts to cope with climate change, establish a recycling-based society, and biodiversity are introduced.

CSR video file library

You are able to watch a video about specific examples of CSR activities that we have implemented to date.
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