Service & support

Supporting your onsite needs

We provide services and solutions catered to the needs of the jobsite, so your operations never have to stop.

No delays, no downtime is our motto

Many jobsites operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We deliver parts and spares promptly to keep the machines working. Our dedicated service experts are ready to serve the needs of every jobsite.

A variety of rental products at your service

We offer a wide selection of construction machinery and attachments for you to choose from. In our capacity as a manufacturer, we maintain the equipment so that they can demonstrate their full functionality.

Supporting efficient operations

Construction machinery equipped with Komtrax will give visibility to detailed information of your vehicle’s location and operating status, allowing for improved operation rates and reduced maintenance costs.

Remanufactured products - environmentally friendly & cost-effective

Used components like engines and transmissions are collected and recycled to be like-new using Komatsu’s standard processes and equipment. By doing this, we can provide customers with the same quality assurance as new products while also reducing costs, industrial waste, and environmental burdens.

Buy and sell through Komatsu’s network

Our unique standing as a manufacturer enables us to support the sales and purchase of used equipment, tuning the pieces making full use of our service expertise and genuine parts and selling through the global Komatsu network.

Financial plans from the construction machinery experts

Komatsu’s financial division helps customers finance their equipment through optimal plans suited for each and every situation.

Getting the most out of your Komatsu equipment

Komatsu can provide you with an expert trainer who will give driving and daily inspection guidance, so you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your equipment’s capabilities while operating it safely and efficiently.