Advancing society through technology

Innovation is part of our DNA. Ever since our founding days, harnessing technology to grow with society has been our corporate culture. We also know that partnership is vital to innovation, so we work through partnerships to create value for our customers and society. Our innovative efforts reflect our core values, ambition and collaboration.
The next chapter of outer space exploration has begun, and Komatsu has accepted the challenge of developing autonomous machines to perform construction on the moon.


We know that we can always do more, do better, and reach greater heights. We aspire to create values that help sustain a world where we can all thrive together.


Innovation cannot be achieved single-handedly. We embrace open innovation in our quest of products, service and solutions that solve customers’ problems and give shape to their vision.

Non-stop manufacturing and technology innovation

Non-stop manufacturing and technology innovation

Autonomy, automation, electrification, and remote control are the signposts on our road to a future where people, society, and our planet co-exist in prosperity. And through our continuing pursuit of reduction of greenhouse gases and waste generated by manufacturing sites and the lessening of the burden on the environment impact of our machinery, Komatsu innovation will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Mapping the way to carbon neutrality in 2050

Together with our customers, Komatsu is meeting the challenge and advancing toward our shared goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.
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With a controller, any jobsite is yours to take on

Environment, people, work, and jobistes.
Our passion runs deep on all of them.
Here is why our concept machine is created.
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Circular forestry – one step on the road to carbon neutrality

Komatsu' forestry-related business advocates sustainable forestry based on circular model. Our model includes not only logging and transportation, but also the planting and cultivation of forests.

From the development of forestry machinery for mechanization of high-risk work and improved worker safety to empowering smart forestry management that can utilize analysis of data collected by satellites and data such as the quantity and height of trees, Komatsu is contributing to innovation of the forestry industry.

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"Innovation in manufacturing and technology" has been the core of Komatsu since our establishment. The challenges we meet and overcome continue to temper and refine the nucleus of what we are and do. Technology forged in the challenges of the past continues to play an active role today at worksites around the world today and to pave the way for new value creation.