Hydrogen in our future

Hydrogen in
our future

Development of a medium-sized hydraulic excavator powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell

2050年に向けて コマツの水素燃料電池 コマツのチャレンジ

The challenge:
carbon neutrality by 2050

Komatsu aims to reduce CO₂ emissions to virtually zero and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The scope of our ambition and efforts is not limited to places where we pursue business and manufacturing around the world nor only to the operation of our products, but also encompasses entire customer worksites and other places where our machines are at work.

Achievement of carbon neutrality will not be easy. Nevertheless, Komatsu believes that presenting customers with choices to a carbon-free future is an important key to moving forward . That’s why we are striving to offer products with as many power sources and fuel options as possible.

From our equipment powered by batteries and fuel cells to machines driven by diesel-electric and, biofuel/e-fuel diesel power trains, and now hydrogen fuel cells, Komatsu is giving customers a growing selection to paths forward to decarbonization and the power to choose machines that optimally fit their needs, worksite environment and vision going forward.

Road map

“Zero emission” hydrogen fuel cells

The decarbonized future is our destination, and we have already begun our journey with a diversity of environmentally-friendly product models and the introduction of alternative fuels in our plant operations. Komatsu has also embarked on a new endeavor in the global market: a proof-of-concept machine that demonstrates the real-world potential of a medium-sized hydraulic excavator equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell.

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Based on our medium-sized hydraulic excavator, this proof-of-concept machine is equipped with a cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell system. The machine combines key components originally developed by Komatsu and Komatsu's total control technology to deliver powerful excavation performance and high operability equivalent to conventional engine-powered models, while achieving zero emissions and a remarkable reduction in both noise and vibration. Emitting only water and steam, this model is the cleanest Komatsu has ever developed and a big step on our journey to practical utilization of hydrogen and achievement of carbon neutrality.


Komatsu hydrogen fuel cell excavator How it works

  • Hydrogen in the tank fills into the fuel cell.

  • Oxygen from the air is added where it chemically reacts with hydrogen.

  • to generate electrical power for the motor and capacitor.

  • The capacitor supplies the motor with additional power.

  • No CO₂ is emitted.Only water.

Go forward

Accelerating R&D
to meet the challenge

Komatsu R&D into hydrogen as a source of energy is moving into high gear. The high energy density and fast refilling time compared with conventional battery charging make hydrogen an ideal alternative energy source for medium and large construction machinery. Paving the way for a sustainable future for future generations, our R&D is constantly creating new value and already exploring the next stage, for example, how our advances can benefit overall construction worksites and other places where customers rely on our machines to elevate both productivity and sustainability.

The road ahead to 2050 is still long, but each and every step is bringing us closer to carbon neutrality and a sustainable global environment for all. With our eyes fixed on the challenge and the goal, Team Komatsu is picking up the pace!


Roundtable discussion

Roundtable discussion with the project members shaping the future of construction machinery.

Making the dream of hydrogen a reality

To develop its first medium-sized hydraulic excavator equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, Komatsu assembled a team of employees from all over Japan. Project members share their thoughts, passions, and experiences of the time together developing the proof-of-concept machine.