Modern life cannot be sustained without iron, copper, steel, coal and other mineral resources that become material for our daily necessities and power generation. We offer a full-lineup of equipment backed by service capabilities that are second to none.

Playing our part at the mining source

Cars, electricity, electrical appliances - all indispensable to our lives - are made from mineral resources mined around the world. Komatsu’s full product lineup and optimal mining methods are tailored to each mine’s unique needs.

World’s first unmanned dump truck

Mining sites operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in order to provide us with our stable supply of resources. In 2008, Komatsu revealed the world’s first Autonomous Haulage System (AHS), an unmanned dump truck operation system to help keep mining sites operating non-stop, allowing for stable operations at all times.

Komatsu will continue to support onsite safety and productivity.

Achieving safety and productivity in challenging environments

Many of the world’s mining sites are in harsh natural environments, like high altitude, frigid, extremely hot and dry regions. Komatsu’s AHS will aid labor shortages in these extreme environments. AHS also brings great value in preventing near-misses that are prone to occur because of the high volume of equipment in operation at mining sites. Komatsu will continue to support onsite safety and productivity.

Mining equipment:

Large excavators

Large wheel loaders

Large bulldozers

Motor graders

Dump trucks

Rope shovels

Hybrid shovels

Electric wheel loaders

Continuous miners

Jumbo drills

Industries we support

*Products shown here represent Komatsu’s flagship models. Komatsu entities do not always handle the listed products and specification may vary by region.