Since the beginning of time, wood has been an essential resource in keeping our lives going. The circular use of forest resources involving afforestation, reforestation and harvesting is vital to preserving the forest. We support this cycle that is essential to sustainable living.

For ease of work

Comfort and ease of operation are essential to maintaining the circular business model. Komatsu forestry machinery is highly durable and come with a variety of attachments designed to improve productivity and help reduce labor.

Supporting your safety and productivity

Safety and productivity improvements are imperative in an industry with high accident rates. Komatsu provides safe products while supporting customers’ onsite operations through a global service and support system. We also provide training with machine simulators contributing to developing talent for the industry.

Envisioning forestry operation of the future

By combining our manufacturing capabilities and ICT technology, we can give visibility to forestry resources which will eventually lead to visualization of the entire forestry operation. In the future, this will allow for a better connection between harvesting sites and sales, enabling operations to have a good understanding of the entire supply chain. Komatsu believes this is essential to the sustainable development of the forestry business.

Forestry equipment:

Excavators (with harvesting head)

Mini excavators (with grapple)




Feller bunchers

Industries we support

*Products shown here represent Komatsu’s flagship models. Komatsu entities do not always handle the listed products and specification may vary by region.