- Working to create a market for electric construction equipment - To launch the PC05E-1 electric micro excavator developed jointly by Komatsu and Honda

Sep. 26, 2023


Komatsu Ltd. (hereafter “Komatsu”) (Hiroyuki Ogawa, President and CEO) will launch the PC05E-1 electric micro excavator in the Japanese market in October this year, which was jointly developed with Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (hereafter "Honda") (Toshihiro Mibe, Director, President and Representative Executive Officer). In the domestic construction equipment market, where the electrified model market has not yet been formed, Komatsu is working to quickly develop this new market with an eye to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 by introducing a variety of models and meeting customer needs.

PC05E-1 electric micro excavator


The machine is an expanded model of the electric micro excavator PC01E-1, which was launched in the Japanese market in March 2022. Like the PC01E-1, the PC05E-1 is powered by the Honda Mobile Power Pack e: (Mobile Power Pack e*, hereafter “swappable mobile battery”) and Honda eGX electrified power unit as a power source. The PC05E-1 is based on the PC05-1 hydraulic excavator, which is often used, among Komatsu's construction equipment, for small-scale civil engineering and construction work, as well as gas, electrical, and pipe-laying work. 

Komatsu has positioned FY2023 as the first year for the market introduction of electric construction equipment, and the release of the PC05E-1 electric micro excavator is the third step in that direction. Komatsu is working to create a market for electrified models by contributing to improving customers' work environment and realizing their carbon neutrality through the release of this and other models.

DANTOTSU Value is defined as customer value creation that generates a positive cycle of improvement of earnings and ESG resolutions in Komatsu's mid-term management plan, entitled "DANTOTSU Value - Together, to "The Next" for sustainable growth". Through this DANTOTSU Value, Komatsu will strive to create new values in order to take steady steps forward to the next stage for the workplace of the future and pass on a sustainable future to the next generation.

*Honda Mobile Power Pack e: is a portable and swappable mobile battery developed by Honda.

[Main features of the product]
・Eco-friendly, powerful electric motor
Battery-driven operation eliminates exhaust gas and engine noise. Furthermore, the adoption of an electric motor that can exert power in all RPM ranges achieves powerful digging performance even when working at low RPMs, which current engine-powered models are not good at.

・Portable and swappable Honda Mobile Power Pack e:
Easy exchange and charging of the swappable batteries by anyone. Customers can continue work by exchanging the batteries, which eliminates waiting time for charging. Charging is also easy and convenient because its exclusive charger connects to the 100V household power supply source. 

・Easy-to-see monitor screen
A simple, easy-to-see monitor screen displays information concerning operating hours, remaining battery capacity, and the like.

・Easy maintenance 
Because no engines are mounted, there is no need to clean the air cleaners and filters, check the engine oil, or refuel the engine. These benefits significantly reduce time-consuming daily inspection and maintenance work. The battery hood can be fully opened for easy inspection work.

・Adoption of a midship layout for stability and compactness 
A midship layout is adopted, with the battery located in the center of the machine. As with conventional engine-powered models, this layout achieves both stability and compactness.

・A standard hydraulic outlet for hydraulic hand tools 
The model is equipped as standard with a hydraulic outlet that can be utilized as a hydraulic pressure source for hydraulic hand tools. As a result, a wide variety of hydraulic hand tools can be used on-site to meet a wide range of work needs. Unlike conventional engine-powered models, the vehicle emits no exhaust gas or engine noise when the hydraulic hand tools are used, enabling comfortable work.


[Main specifications]


[Month of launch] October 2023
[List price]     JPY3,100,000 (Ex-works and no consumption tax)
[Marketing target] 50 units/year (only in Japan)

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