Komatsu's growing global network

With the potential of an entire planet before us, Komatsu continues to move forward.

Responding to the needs and expectations of our customers around the world, we continue to establish new bases and dramatically expand our global network.Having achieved an overseas production ratio of 63%, Komatsu currently operates through 60 manufacturing centers and 55 marketing plus 211 sales and service distributors in 150 countries.

The Awazu Plant is one of our manufacturing plants.

Awazu Plant in Komatsu City, the birthplace of Komatsu

In 1938, the Awazu Plant opened in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, as a production base for tractors and agricultural equipment.
For 85 years, this huge facility has played a central role as our main manufacturing center, mirroring the global growth and evolution of Komatsu.

Awazu Plant is our largest in Japan – covering approximately 720,000 square meters or about the size of 15 Tokyo Dome baseball stadiums.
One of this plant’s defining features is productivity. Here we manufacture a variety of products using advanced technology in a total component-to-machine production process.

In particular, transmissions , the key component to the performance of our construction machinery, is developed and produced here and shipped to locations around the world.
Awazu Plant also produces four products on the same two assembly lines: small and medium-sized bulldozers, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, and motor graders.

Another characteristic of Awazu Plant is its environmental friendliness.

While innovative ideas continue to drive the evolution of this facility, Awazu Plant has always set its sights on excelling in every way to become far and away the best.
For example, the factory floor for construction machinery assembly line has been improved with a raised floor similar to the concept of a modern office.
The relocation of equipment and infrastructure in the floor-wide underground pits and adoption of removable concrete floor plates not only results in a more comfortable workplace environment that fully utilizes site space but also flexibility to respond to layout changes as our facility evolves in the future.
By taking advantage of a location blessed with natural beauty and abundant access to natural energy sources such as sunlight and biomass, Awazu Plant has fully leveraged its rich natural environment to achieve significant energy savings.
Our proactive consideration of the global environment is visible in a variety of features including our adoption of geothermal energy and a lighting system that combines the natural lighting of skylights and LED lighting.

Born in Komatsu City - the birthplace of Komatsu, the Awazu Plant strongly has inherited the spirit of the company's founding, and leads the way in both production and responding to environmental issues, 

Meitaro Takeuchi founded Komatsu in Komatsu City in 1921.

Originally established as a subsidiary for maintaining mining equipment for its parent Yusenji Copper Mine, Komatsu Iron Works was spun off, giving birth to Komatsu Ltd.

in 1921. Named after its birthplace in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, our company was founded by Meitaro Takeuchi, a well-known entrepreneur with extraordinary vision who was determined to take Japanese industry to a globally competitive level.

It was in 1900 that Meitaro Takeuchi first became aware of the world and the challenges ahead.
At the Paris Exposition, a world’s fair of commerce, technology and culture hosted in Paris, France, he witnessed marvelous advances in mechanical technology from around the world.
This experience inspired his strong belief that “a nation cannot develop without developing industry,” and from the Meiji Era through the Taisho Period, it continued to fuel his dreams and passion to advance his nation’s industry.

His goal was to make Komatsu a global competitor. 

At that time, Meitaro Takeuchi expressed his business ideals in the following guidelines: 

Completely ensure that there are no excessive or idling facilities and equipment
Provide perfect products with no defects
Never neglect research
Think of the future and train as many people as possible
Manufacture products with as few people as possible
Determine export potential after estimating future domestic production
Profits are of secondary importance

Still today, the philosophy of Takeuchi Meitaro is a vibrant and relevant legacy in Komatsu.
It can be said that it is embodied in Komatsu's DNA: the creation of world-class technology that empowers us to compete on the global stage. 


The founding spirit is alive, driving us forward to the future.

In 2023, we put the challenging times of the waves of the coronavirus pandemic behind us and held "Factory Open House Day" at the Awazu Plant, inviting the local community to visit for the first time in four years.

During the event, we exhibited pioneering machines that have become historic milestones in the plant’s long 85-year history as well as displayed our latest cutting-edge construction machinery.

For Komatsu fans and construction machinery enthusiasts, this was a joyous and long-awaited event. Children's eyes sparkled with wonder at the sight of the construction