United for our planet

“One World One Komatsu” Initiative

With eyes on the future of the earth, we keep moving forward.

Komatsu employees around the world are thinking and acting on what they can do for the global environment. On every "Earth Day" and "World Environment Day" when we look back on our activities, our passions and commitment to this responsibility are reignited.. 

Our activities are as diverse as the countries where we operate, and range from large-scale programs to little everyday things in our workplace and homes.

In Japan, we are keeping neighborhoods near our factories clean and beautiful, cultivating gardens, and helping to maintain green areas. In Europe, we are creating fields that serve a natural habitat for bees and other insects, building birdhouses where birds can nest and find protection, and restoring wetland habitat. In Chile, our employees are planting trees and creating forests that thrive with little rainfall, and growing organic vegetable gardens for a healthier society.

Everywhere around world, Komatsu employees are setting their sights on a better future for our planet, and they are stepping up and moving forward to reach that goal.

“One World One Komatsu” - a global slogan for our employees

On the centennial anniversary of Komatsu's founding in 2021, we launched "One World One Komatsu", a platform to unite the efforts of our employees around the world.

Turning out lights when not in use, taking steps to reduce water usage, and other simple actions in daily life make a difference. We put the internal social media spotlight on these activities and raise their visibility. By mutually celebrating such efforts with “likes” and “hearts”, we encourage greater participation.

By expanding contributions to the environment and integrating these efforts in our communication, this approach to promote environmental action has been unprecedented.

Meet our "One World People's Champion"

This year Ms. Sri Lestari from Indonesia was selected as our "One World People's Champion", a title awarded to Komatsu employees whose contributions to the environment have most impressed the people around them.

 Cleaning the company neighborhood and the planting of mangrove trees are just a few of her various volunteer activities. As a member of PT Komatsu Undercarriage Indonesia, Sri has also received a CSR award in recognition of her environmental protection activities, and has also been commended by the Governor of West Java Bekasi Province.

In addition, Sri has been recognized for her active participation in the City Forest afforestation project promoted by the government. 

City Forest is a 5-hectare reforested area located in Cibitung about 20 km from the company where Sri works. As a result of a project that planted more than 50 kinds of trees, City Forest has been granted provincial forest status by the governor of West Java Bekasi Province. Absorbing CO2 and exhaling oxygen, City Forest not only serves as the lungs of the town, but also as a classroom for students to learn about various plants and afforestation.

 Here is just one of the places where the seeds and saplings of Sri’s selfless contributions are growing, blossoming, and bearing a huge harvest of fruit for the community and the world.

Imagine the future we can create when we act as one.

Imagine the future we can create when we act as one. 
From “waste not, want not” resource conservation practices and energy-saving habits in everyday life to participation in afforestation projects, the scope of environmental action by Komatsu employees continues to expand. Komatsu's strength is our global diversity.

 The programs and activities under the “One World One Komatsu" banner play a very important role in fully demonstrating that strength. No matter how small the contribution of a single individual, the sum of all these efforts combine to have a big impact on the global environment.

The 385 teams of Komatsu employees participating in "One World One Komatsu" initiative around the world have successfully undertaken over 120,000 activities.

Their aggregate results include a reduction in water consumption of over 3,500 tons and a reduction of CO2 emissions amounting to over1,000 tons*1.

*1 These results are calculated as of July 2023 and are based on platform standards. These results are from only social contribution activities not directly related to business activities.


Komatsu is committed to sustainability management with the aim of realizing a sustainable society and the sustainable growth of our business.

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