Tiny machine, going for a mighty dream

Only 340 kg, an electric micro excavator debuts in 2022

“Oh, I just like small equipment,” 

Says Atsushi Takagi, a mini excavator specialist at the Product Marketing Division of Komatsu Ltd. He has dedicated almost his entire career at Komatsu to mini excavators. But his career is not the only reason why he feels passionate about them. “Just like large equipment, small equipment is full of dreams and possibilities,” his eyes sparkle.  

So it was only fitting that he took on a joint project with Honda Motor Co., to develop the electric micro excavator PC01E-1 that was introduced to the market this spring. Weighing only 340 kg, it is indeed a mighty excavator yet light and small enough to fit into a minivan whose maximum load capacity is 350 kg.


Out of power? Just change the battery pack to keep operating

The PC01E-1 is powered by Honda's Mobile Power Pack e: (hereafter “swappable mobile battery”) and by Honda eGX electrified power unit. No emissions, no engine sound, hence no negative environmental impact. The swappable mobile battery is easy to change on the spot, freeing you of the need and stress of powering up the machine to continue operating. All you need is to change the battery pack. As tiny as the machine may seem, the power it generates is mighty. Quite literally, it is an environmentally- and operator-friendly electric micro excavator.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we could care for both Earth and people,” Takagi speaks. Indeed, the PC01E-1 embodies Komatsu’s commitment to addresses environmental and social challenges.

1. Honda Mobile Power Pack e: is a portable and swappable mobile battery developed by Honda Motor Co.
2. Honda Mobile Power Pack e: and eGX are registered trademarks of Honda Motor Co.


Good for landscaping, good for gardening

Traditionally, micro-size excavators have been used by professional operators in industrial domains, such as the installation of gas and water pipes, and work in confined spaces in the landscaping, agriculture, and livestock work.
With the PC01E-1, the scope and use of micro excavators are broadening; it is paving the way for those who wish to get their actual hands on home landscaping, DIY, and gardening. Thanks to electrification, future of equipment and our life is changing, for better.

”Amazingly, this excavator is small enough to fit in a minivan. You can take it to the mountains if you like. So how you spend your day in nature could be anything to your liking. Your dream holiday is just a machine away,” Takagi says with a smile. With the PC01E-1, the fun and excitement are never in short supply.



Sustainable future - starts right here, right now

Every big dream starts small, perhaps equipment is no exception to it.

Collaboration between Komatsu and Honda does not end at the PC01E-1, together we will be developing larger micro excavators with a swappable mobile battery.

And what is more, creation of a new urban network by the swappable mobile battery is on the horizon, encompassing civil engineering and construction sites as well as city transportation and charging stations. A sustainable and circular society that is friendly to both Earth and people’s lifestyles is coming closer to reality.  

”We did it, but are still halfway through,” Takagi nods. His eyes that used to watch over the small machine are now chasing what’s far ahead into the future.


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