Komatsu's social contribution activities

Undertaking social contribution activities in the communities where we operate is one of our important corporate responsibilities. We recognize and position social contribution activities as activities that are in alignment with the Sustainability Policy and do not directly generate earnings. Leveraging our strengths as a business, we seek to give back to the community and society in general.


Accomplishments and approaches for social contribution activities

Introduction to major activities Introduction to major activities

Nurturing the next generation and preserving our natural environment

With the aim of nurturing the children who will lead the next generation and preserving our natural environment, Komatsu pursues a variety of initiatives and programs including: guided nature observation tours of the Satoyama parkland, science and manufacturing classes, and social studies field trips for elementary schools. Learn more

Regional human resource development

“Developing people”. Komatsu puts this social contribution activity at the top of our list. Working closely with national and local government, schools and other organizations, we tailor human resource development programs to meet the unique needs and circumstances of each region with the aim of empowering participants with skills that will open the door to employment opportunities. From a prison rehabilitation program in Chile to our involvement in STEM education for young career development in the UK, all these programs share our vision of building a brighter future for all. Learn more

Anti-personnel mine clearing and community development support

Launched in 2008 with the aim of revitalizing local communities, Komatsu's demining and reconstruction project in Cambodia has targeted 3 categories of support: anti-personnel landmine removal, farmland/infrastructure development, and school construction. Learn more

Disaster relief, recovery and reconstruction

Our construction machinery and other products are often called on to play an indispensable role in recovery and reconstruction operations in the wake of natural disasters. When disaster strikes or other emergencies arise around the world, Komatsu supports relief and recovery efforts with needed equipment. Learn more
Social issue initiatives

Afforestation activities

Working to balance resource development and environmental conservation is another important responsibility. Through land restoration and afforestation, Komatsu contributes to the restoration of formerly mined lands to forests and farmland, and expansion of green space for natural habitat. From a reforestation project at an abandoned mine site in North America to China and Indonesia where our employees volunteer in tree planting projects, this is a global initiative. Learn more

Supporting The Flower Association of Japan

One social contribution activity is our support for the activities of The Flower Association of Japan, a foundation that promotes the creation of famous cherry blossom spots and urban floral beautification programs.
Employee participation in social contribution programs

One World One Komatsu

This social contribution program welcomes the participation of all Komatsu Group employees. Each and every employee engages in activities that are familiar to them in their daily lives. Learn more

Women's judo club

In 1991, the Komatsu Women's Judo Club was established as part of our social contribution activities. With a view towards the popularizing and developing of this sport, Komatsu welcomes overseas competitors to Japan and provides judo classes both in Japan and abroad. Learn more
Social issue initiatives

For better places to live

One of the social issues we tackle is building homes for people who have no place to live due to poverty, disaster, or other hardship. Through involvement in volunteer programs in North America, we are helping to make lives better. Learn more

To empower a sustainable future where people, businesses, and our planet thrive together.

To empower a sustainable future where people, businesses, and our planet thrive together.

Sustainability activities

Komatsu is working together with stakeholders to empower a sustainable future where people, businesses, and our planet thrive together.

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Social contribution activities
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