Join us at bauma 2022

The leading equipment trade fair in Europe ― bauma

All eyes of the construction industry will be on Munich, Germany. Starting from 24th through 30th October, an international trade fair for construction machinery and mining machinery will take place for the 33rd time. This year marks the 14th year for Komatsu to showcase products and solutions since our debut in 1983.

Komatsu's first display at bauma 1983

This time, bauma goes extra green, placing focus on sustainability and digitalization. Same goes for Komatsu, who has set out a path to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 throughout our supply chain. To that end, our products and solutions are developed, giving consideration to their environmental impact. At the Komatsu booth, you can see innovations that aim to reduce CO2 emissions and further drive electrification ― a testimony of our commitment to achieve the 2050 goal.

History of Komatsu innovation unfolds

It is in our founding spirit as well as corporate DNA to help sustain community. Now that communities around the globe are struggling with environmental challenges, what can we do as a global company with 101 years of problem-solving experience and expertise? The answer can be found at the Komatsu booth. 

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the history of our innovations. In 2008, Komatsu was the first in the industry to commercialize Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) for mining. Today, a total of 541 AHS dump trucks are in operation around the clock in mines all over the world. 

In the same year, Komatsu also pioneered in bringing the hybrid hydraulic excavator to markets. When the machine slows down for a swing, the hybrid system captures and converts the power, which otherwise is wasted, into electric energy. This groundbreaking system enables higher fuel efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions significantly. The launch marked the first step in Komatsu’s endeavor to electrify its equipment. 

And 2015 ― the year Smart Construction was revealed. It was our next step in validating our commitment to reduce fuel consumption and CO2. The science behind the idea is simple; it connects data between each process via ICT, making optimized operations of the entire site possible. As a result, the number of equipment, running hours, and idle time ― and by extension, the environmental impact can be significantly reduced. 

Now, Komatsu is developing a super-large power agnostic concept truck with reduced CO2 emission that can run on multiple power sources including electricity and hydrogen fuel cells. We take pride in helping support our mining customers achieve their sustainability and zero-emission goal.

Achieving carbon neutrality by 2050

And this year at bauma 2022, our advanced and electrified machine models will be showcased. The lineup includes,

  • The 3-ton class battery-powered mini excavator (the remodeled version of PC30E-5)
  • The PC01E-1, an electric micro excavator a swappable mobile battery
  • The fully electric and remote-controlled mini excavator (concept machine) powered by lithium-ion battery
  • The 20-ton class electric hydraulic excavator

History of Komatsu tells us that we can create better products and solutions that are kind to both Earth and people. And so we will move forward ― with our electrification solutions and restless drive for carbon neutrality.

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