About Sousi dojo

Komatsu Ltd. created the Women’s Judo Club in 1991 as one of its 70th-anniversary projects. While the Club had trained at the Komatsu Eitai Dojo in Koto Ward since 1993, Komatsu has recently built a new dojo to provide the Club with a better training environment.

The new dojo has been named the Komatsu Soushi Dojo by combining Hayate, the name of one of the Team’s five mascots, which can also be read as “Sou” and means dashing, with “Shi” of Shimura, where it is located. “Shi” alone means ambition. In our case, it is the ambition to reach the top level of judo in the world.

The exterior appearance of the Komatsu Soushi Dojo consists of stones and wood-patterned louvers, respectively, expressing a sense of trust and women’s judo characteristic of tenderness. The practice arena has 256 tatamis (mats), the ceiling being 6 meters above the mats, and the surrounding gallery space for visitors also above the floor. Other facilities include the training room with leading-edge equipment and ICT tools, which creates an optimal environment for judo training.


Training room

Gallery space for visitors