School construction

From this elementary school that was once in a minefield,
one dream after another is taking wing.
From this elementary school that was once in a minefield,
one dream after another is taking wing.

Learning is creating your future.

That is what the principal of a local elementary school said to his students. There was a child who gave up going to school because the school in the minefield was far away. There were also schools where the school buildings were so dilapidated that it was difficult to study. It has been more than ten years since we started building elementary schools. Some children have graduated from the first and second schools and are now college students. A small bud seemed to open into a large flower. People gather in places that used to be minefields, schools are built, and students learn. Each person will find their own dream. That's why children's smiles shine so brightly.

“Children learn the joy of learning.”

“When we were at war, schools and studying were the last thing on our minds. Now it our hope that our children will take advantage of an opportunity we never had and study hard,'' said one mother, as she wiped her a tear away. Mothers and fathers are working hard to make their children’s dreams come true. While they study, children are also working to help their families. Everyone sees a future of bright promise instead of the painful past or life of poverty. School teacher, banker, engineer, doctor… paths to dream careers are opening up. The potential is as limitless as the dreams of these children.

From the school comes hope. In hope, dreams take root. Thus begins the cycle of building a better future.

The Project started construction on its first new primary school in Battambang Province in 2009. By 2022, construction of a total of 10 school buildings had been completed. No more walks through treacherous minefields. No more flooded roads barring the way to school. Eyes of children began getting brighter, and their smiles, bigger. When these children leave these schools, it is our heartfelt wish that they will walk confidently into a future with their arms filled with hopes and dreams.

“Studying is fun because the reward is knowledge.”

Student of KOMATSU SAFETY Primary School

“In the old days, there was no school nearby. I had to go to a school far away. I am very happy to have a new school building. My dream is to become a doctor in the future. When my parents or villagers get sick, I want to be able to treat and heal them. Despite all their hardships, my parents made every effort so we can go to school. They have my deepest respect, and someday I hope to buy land and build a house for them.”

“I want you to become a person who will carry the dreams of your generation.”

Ms. Svay Phalla,
Principal of KOMATSU SRALAO CHROM Primary School

“Before, there were no roads to school, and many students arrived for class late. The land is at a low elevation so flooding usually follows heavy rains, and we often had to close the school. These conditions led to many students giving up on their studies. However, now that we have newly constructed roads and school buildings, the students are happily studying. Everyone can get to school on time with bright smiling faces, and there are no absences. One thing I want to do is to create a library filled with books children want to read.”

“Thank you for paving my way to the future.”

Student of National University of Battambang and graduate of KOMATSU SAFETY Primary School

“My parents told me that the village where we lived had no roads and was heavily forested and mined. It’s wonderful to see how fast development is moving forward and how much the number of students has grown, and I’m truly grateful for the construction of new roads and schools. If it had been necessary for me to commute to a school far from my village, I probably would not be here now, studying at university and pursuing my dream to become a school teacher in the future.”