Basic policy on proper handling of specific personal information

Komatsu Limited and its Group companies in Japan (hereinafter abbreviated as "the Group") makes efforts to safely and properly handle individual numbers and other personally identifiable information (hereinafter referred to as "Personally Identifiable Information") based on the belief it is our corporate social responsibility. The Group will properly handle Personally Identifiable Information in accordance with the basic policy below.


  1. Compliance with applicable legislation, guidelines, etc.
    The Group will comply with rules that all employees must follow, including legislation, guidelines, the Komatsu Worldwide Code of Business Conduct, and the Personal Information Protection Policy that apply to Personally Identifiable Information.
  2. All management measures
    The Group stipulates "Rules for Handling Personally Identifiable Information" to properly manage information such as Personally Identifiable Information. The Group will put in place safety management measures such as physical and technical countermeasures to establish an organizational structure, educate and train employees, and prevent incidents such as leaks in addition to monitoring the safety management measures of outsources.
  3. Contact for inquiries
    Please send inquiries about the Group’s handling of Personally Identifiable Information from the link below.
Please click here to make an inquiry about the proper handling of Personally Identifiable Information

Hiroyuki Ogawa, President and Chief Executive Officer, Komatsu Ltd.

Created on: November 2015

*Please click here to see our personal information protection policy.