Announcement on Changes in Sub-subsidiaries

June. 14, 2024


Komatsu Ltd. (“Komatsu”) hereby announces that Komatsu resolved at a meeting of its Board of Directors held on June 14, 2024, to reorganize the capital relationship between a wholly owned subsidiary of Komatsu in the U.S. and its subsidiaries (sub-subsidiaries of Komatsu). As a result of this reorganization, there will be changes in these sub-subsidiaries as described below. Sub-subsidiaries will remain consolidated subsidiaries of Komatsu after the changes.


1. Scheme and reason for changes
Komatsu America Corp. (“KAC”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Komatsu in the U.S., will contribute in kind its entire ownership interests in Komatsu do Brasil Ltda., Komatsu Brasil International Ltda., Komatsu Holding South America Ltda. and Komatsu Cummins Chile Ltda. (“Latin American subsidiaries”) to a new holding company to be established by KAC in the U.S. (“New Holding Company”). Furthermore, KAC will distribute in kind its entire ownership interests in the New Holding Company to Komatsu. The purpose of this reorganization is to strengthen the governance of the Latin American subsidiaries by placing them under the direct control of Komatsu from KAC which supervises operations in North America.


2. Overview of the subsidiary which distributes in kind



3. Overview of the sub-subsidiaries in which there will be changes


4. Overview of the newly established sub-subsidiary(scheduled)


5. Date of Change 
December 31, 2024(scheduled)


6. Future Projection
The impact of these changes in sub-subsidiaries on consolidated financial results of Komatsu will be insignificant because these changes are due to a reorganization between consolidated subsidiaries.

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