- Accelerating the realization of a safe, productive, smart and clean workplace of the future -  Komatsu to exhibit at INTERMAT 2024

Apr. 22, 2024

Komatsu (President: Hiroyuki Ogawa) (hereafter “Komatsu”) will participate in INTERMAT 2024, one of the world's three largest construction equipment trade fairs, to be held for four days from April 24 through 27 in Paris, France. Komatsu will showcase a variety of its latest electrification and digitalization solutions for the realization of safe, productive, smart and clean construction sites of the future.


Prototypes of electric mini-excavators in the 2-ton class (right) and 2.5-ton class (center), and PC33E-6 in cab spec. (left)


In the field of electrification technology, Komatsu will exhibit prototypes of 2-ton and 2.5-ton electric mini-excavators, as well as a cab version of the 3-ton PC33E-6 electric mini-excavator, to expand options in classes that are particularly in demand in the mini-excavator market. Komatsu plans to launch them in Europe in 2025 and by the end of 2024, respectively. In addition to these excavators, it will demonstrate the 20-ton class electric excavator PC210LCE-11 and the 13-ton class electric excavator PC138E-11. Komatsu will also present the concept of a charger with an energy storage function (mobile battery bank) that can charge equipment even in environments without a power source.


Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance


In terms of digitalization technology, Komatsu will exhibit Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance. This solution enables ICT construction by simply retrofitted to hydraulic excavators and mini excavators, regardless of manufacturer. Its solutions include a 3D machine guidance function that supports the operator by displaying the 3D completion drawings data and excavator bucket cutting edge position information on a monitor screen attached to the operator’s seat. At INTERMAT 2024, Komatsu will install this add-on kit on the PC210LCE-11 and other hydraulic excavators and demonstrate 3D machine guidance and payload meter functions which enable the operator to check the weight of excavated earth.


Conceptual image of a fleet management system (Smart Quarry Site) for a major quarry site


In addition, Komatsu will feature a fleet management system (Smart Quarry Site) primarily for use on large-scale quarries sites. This solution optimizes on-site operations and improves production efficiency by proving customers with real-time data on vehicle locations, payload, fuel consumption, operating hours, and machine health conditions via a communication system installed on a variety of construction equipment, such as dump trucks, wheel loaders, and hydraulic excavators, operating on the job sites.


DANTOTSU Value is defined as customer value creation that generates a positive cycle of improvement of earnings and ESG resolutions in Komatsu's mid-term management plan, entitled "DANTOTSU Value - Together, to "The Next" for sustainable growth". Through this DANTOTSU Value, Komatsu will strive to create new values in order to take steady steps forward to the next stage for the workplace of the future and pass on a sustainable future to the next generation.


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