Komatsu to Provide Assistance for People Affected by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake in 2024

Jan. 08, 2024


We hereby extend our sincere condolences to all those affected by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake in 2024, which occurred on January 1st.

In consideration of the extensive damage caused, Komatsu Ltd. (President and CEO: Hiroyuki Ogawa) will make a total donation of JPY600 million (JPY500 million for Ishikawa Prefecture and JPY100 million for Toyama Prefecture) to provide emergency aid for the affected areas and people. We will also consider making additional donations to aid relief efforts based on the situation in the disaster-stricken areas.

In addition, in line with requests from the affected areas, we will provide support, including free-of-charge lending of equipment such as construction equipment, forklifts and generators, as well as personnel support to our suppliers that have been affected by the disaster. We will continue to work with our distributors to provide maintenance services for construction equipment operating in the affected areas.

Furthermore, Komatsu and the Federation of All Komatsu Workers’ Unions jointly solicit donations from Komatsu Group employees and make a "matching donation" in which Komatsu will donate an amount corresponding to the amount of the donation by the employees.

Komatsu was established in May 1921 in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Today, we operate in a total of four production bases in Ishikawa and Toyama Prefectures. We have also been actively engaged in business activities deeply rooted in the local community, collaborating with numerous local suppliers and distributors. Our pursuit of coexistence with local communities has been handed down through generations, and our basic stance is to contribute to society through business activities.

Moving forward, we will continue to provide the necessary support to contribute to the prompt restoration of the affected areas.


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