Komatsu and Honda Jointly Developed the "PC05E-1" electric micro excavator: Expanding the range of models powered by portable and swappable mobile batteries

Mar.08, 2023


Komatsu Ltd. (hereafter “Komatsu”) (Hiroyuki Ogawa, President and CEO) and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Honda”) (Toshihiro Mibe, Director, President and Representative Executive Officer) have jointly developed the PC05E-1, an expanded model of the PC01E-1 electric micro excavator, with the aim of early introduction to Japanese market in FY2023. Honda is going to exhibit a sample prototype of this machine at the 13th INTERNATIONAL SMART GRID EXPO (scheduled to be held in Tokyo from March 15 to 17, 2023).


【PC05E-1 electric micro excavator】

This machine is an expanded model of the electric micro excavator PC01E-1, which was launched on the Japanese market in March 2022. Like the PC01E-1, the PC05E-1 is powered by the Honda Mobile Power Pack e: (Mobile Power Pack e*1, hereafter “swappable mobile battery“) and Honda eGX electrified power unit as a power source. The PC05 is the base machine for the electric micro excavator and used for small-scale civil engineering and construction work among Komatsu’s construction equipment, including gas, electrical, and pipe-laying work.

The PC05E-1 achieves a dramatic reduction of noise and heat emission, which are the features of electric micro excavators. The zero exhaust emission is also environmentally friendly, making it possible to work comfortably in any environment, either indoors or outdoors. As the batteries are swappable, customers can continue work simply by exchanging them, when one runs low, without waiting for the battery to recharge. In addition, the midship layout, with the battery located in the center of the vehicle under the operator seat, offers both stability and compactness equivalent to its engine-powered counterpart. Furthermore, the adoption of an electric motor that can exert power in the full RPM range enables powerful excavation even when working at low RPMs, which are challenging for engine-powered models. With respect to maintenance, since the engine is not mounted, customers will no longer need to clean air cleaners and filters, check engine oil, or refuel, significantly reducing time-consuming daily inspection and maintenance work for them.

Komatsu is working on the development and market introduction of different electric models, including the development of the "PC05E-1" electric micro excavator. Komatsu positions FY2023 as the first year of launching electric construction equipment on the market. Komatsu is working toward the early market introduction and penetration of such equipment in order to create a market for electric construction equipment.

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*1: Honda Mobile Power Pack e: is a portable and swappable mobile battery developed by Honda.
*2: Some specifications of the prototype vehicle may differ from those of the commercially produced model.

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