Komatsu Industries Corp. launching New High Performance Plasma Cutting Machine TWISTER “TFP510-3”

Apr. 27, 2020

Komatsu Industries Corp. (President and CEO: Yasushi Kitade), a wholly owned subsidiary of Komatsu Ltd. (President and CEO: Hiroyuki Ogawa), launched the new high performance plasma cutting machine TWISTER “TFP510-3” in April 2020.

“TFP510-3” is leading the world of plasma cutting machine with Komatsu stand-alone cutting technology in medium and heavy thickness plate cutting.

We have gone through many model changes in the past and the latest machine “TFP510-3” is manufactured based on the concepts, “High productivity”, “Easy set-up operation” “User friendly”. Power supply capacity (※1) and cutting speed (※2) greatly improved compared to a former model. By adopting a new type consumable cartridge type will free up hours of set-up operation time. Also, new operation panel can operate intuitively like your smart phone.

Komatsu Industries Corp. has innovated new plasma cutting machine technologies that are leading the business world in many fields since the initial launch of TWISTER in 1989.

And Komatsu Industries Corp. constantly strive to further improve our service for our customers’ “Quality”, “Delivery” and “Cost” by “TFP510-3” that is loaded with our unique technology and know-how we have cultivated and with the advanced ICT technology.

While continuing its commitment to Quality and Reliability and working to maximize its corporate value, Komatsu group is working to achieve safe, highly - productive, smart and clean workplaces of the future through DANTOTSU Value (ESG solutions and improvement of earnings through customer value creation).

*1    Upgraded from the former model 150A to the model 200A
*2    Upgraded from the former model 1,800mm/min to the model 2,200mm/min (Ex. Plate thickness 19mm)

[Image: High-Performance Plasma Cutting Machine TWISTER "TFP510-3"]

[Product main features]
1.Adoption of new cartridge type consumable
Thanks to the cartridge type consumable that is integrated the electrode and nozzle, in short assembly-free, the setup time(※3) is shorten than former type and more, eliminates cutting error caused by miss assemble of consumable parts.
※3 Former type consumables assembly time: approx. 5 minutes / piece

2.User friendly
Anyone can operate new panel intuitively like a smart phone by undertaking a fundamental review of the interface and operability.

3.Quick gas [optional]
By attachment of the quick gas optional, “TFP510-3” change quickly from plasma cutting machine to high-performance NC gas (flame) cutting machine by changing torch. The cutting range is t25 up to 80mm by gas nozzle.

4.Inkjet marking[optional]: New optional
Inkjet marking have some effects, such as shortening of working hours, manpower saving and prevention of the error by handwritten.

[Product description]
 ・ Model name    TFP510-3
 ・ Maximum processing plate thickness    36 mm mild steel (for 300 A output)
 ・ Maximum processing size    1,525 mm × 3,050 mm
 ・ Release date    April 15, 2020
 ・ Published price    JPY29,000,000.
 ・ Sales target    60 Units/Year
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