Accelerating the digital transformation of construction worksites: Launch of SMARTCONSTRUCTION Retrofit kit

Mar. 10, 2020

Komatsu Ltd. (President and CEO: Hiroyuki Ogawa) (hereafter “Komatsu”) is pleased to announce the launch of SMARTCONSTRUCTION Retrofit kit, the add-on kit to offer ICT capabilities, such as 3D machine guidance and payload measurement, to conventional construction equipment in Japan in late April through LANDLOG Ltd. (President and CEO: Kosaku Igawa).(hereafter “LANDLOG”)

In April 2019, Komatsu began implementation of its Mid-Term Management Plan “DANTOTSU Value – FORWARD Together for Sustainable Growth” with the aim of realizing “safe, highly productive, smart and clean workplaces of the future” by digitally transforming both products (automation and autonomation operation) and processes (optimization).

Meanwhile, conventional construction equipment with no ICT capabilities account for over 98% of all construction equipment working on construction sites in Japan. When the SMARTCONSTRUCTION Retrofit kit is added on conventional equipment, it will enable the equipment to use ICT functions, such as 3D machine guidance and payload measurement, about on par*1 with ICT-intensive equipment.

To accelerate the pace of achieving digital transformation of construction worksite operations, the SMARTCONSTRUCTION Retrofit kit can be added on not only Komatsu-made models but also other makes as long as they are hydraulic excavators. To make ICT functions more user-friendly, Komatsu has also developed and offers the GNSS correction service with information distribution, which is needed for 3D construction work, as well as the “SMARTCONSTRUCTION Pilot” application for the SMARTCONSTRUCTION Retrofit kit, which transmits 3D design data and manages construction records. This application allows for the use of commercially available tablets as monitors, thereby enhancing user-friendliness and achieving a low price of the SMARTCONSTRUCTION Retrofit kit.

With the SMARTCONSTRUCTION Retrofit kit, Komatsu is going to promote “digitalization” of conventional construction equipment and digital transformation of construction in order to realize “safe, highly productive, smart and clean workplaces of the future” soon.

Content of SMARTCONSTRUCTION Retrofit kit
1.Major functions and features (only for Japanese market)
 ・ Execution of construction by using 3D machine guidance based on 3D design data
 ・ Payload meter*2 (optional) ・Add-on to all makes as long as they are hydraulic excavators
 ・ Planned price: JPY700,000 (excl. consumption tax and add-on labor)
 ・ Start of offering: In late April 2020 (phased expansion to other equipment under plan)
*1: Functions needed for ICT construction equipment for use in “i-Construction” promoted by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport.
*2: Limited to Komatsu-made models at the start of launch because setting of different parameters is needed by model

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