Komatsu Develops Electric Mini Excavator Unveils It at bauma 2019 -Working to introduce next-generation, eco and people-friendly construction equipment early-

Apr. 8, 2019

Komatsu Ltd. (President and CEO: Hiroyuki Ogawa) (hereafter “Komatsu”) has developed an electric mini excavator, designed to set the course for next-generation construction equipment, and is going to unveil it at bauma 2019, a leading international trade fair for construction equipment to be held in Munich, Germany from April 8 through 14.
    This industry-pacesetting model is based on Komatsu’s accumulated technological expertise of hybrid construction equipment and electric forklift trucks. Equipped with an in-house developed new charger, high-voltage converter and other devices, it offers excavation performance on par with the internal combustion model of the same power output, while achieving zero exhaust gas emissions and a dynamic reduction in noise levels. It is an environment and people-friendly machine. Komatsu expects a wider range of applications for this machine, including construction work near hospitals or schools or in residential areas, where contractors have conventionally paid special attention to exhaust gas and noise during work, as well as inside tunnels or buildings.
    The new electric mini excavator uses the easy maintenance battery which powers the popular Komatsu FE-series electric forklift trucks. When fully charged, this battery enables two to six hours* of operation. It also allows for quick charging, for example, during a lunch break, extending the available working hours. The machine allows for real-time monitoring of power consumption and charging conditions on the built-in monitor panel. It also allows for the remote monitoring of that information together with the machine location and operating conditions via KOMTRAX.
    As all high-voltage devices are mounted in the rear of the mini excavator, there is no need for operators to touch any of them during daily checks before starting work, which offers improved safety and serviceability.
    Komatsu is already testing this model at customers’ jobsites, working toward an early launch.
*Hours of work vary depending on jobsite and machine-operating conditions

[Electricmini excavator to be unveiled at bauma 2019]

*Details of the image are different from the exhibition model


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