Komatsu creates Autonomous Haulage Center of Excellence

Apr. 1, 2019

Komatsu Ltd. (hereinafter "Komatsu") (President & CEO: Hiroyuki Ogawa), announced today the launch of its global Center of Excellence (CoE) for Autonomous Haulage Systems (AHS). This will enable Komatsu to respond faster to customers’ needs in the rapidly expanding autonomous environment.

 The Tucson, Arizona-based CoE team will be responsible for AHS strategy, planning, marketing, sales support and training bringing together product, technology and service experts from across the company.
    “This is a major step forward for Komatsu’s unified approach to mining,” said Jim Nishiura, VP Global Mining Business Division, Komatsu. “Our diversified FrontRunner AHS team is united by common goals, workflows and strategies to deliver maximum value to our customers as well as our customer-facing teams and distributors.”
    Shingo Hori, currently AHS Group Manager for KLTD, and Anthony Cook, currently VP AHS and Communications for Modular Mining, have been appointed as co-GMs of the CoE.
    These organizational changes are focused on Komatsu’s business strategy to continually improve company performance and deliver increased value to customers. Since its commercial release 11 years ago, Komatsu’s AHS has achieved the unprecedented milestone of more than two billion tons of surface material moved autonomously - more than all other commercial mining autonomous haulage systems combined.

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